Matthew Chalk, RECLAIMED Furniture Maker based in Hampshire UK

About ME

I run a Hampshire based workshop where I create original furniture pieces from local, sustainable and reclaimed wood sources. After being trained at  Chichester college, who are renowned in fine furniture making, I went on to find my own style, finding celebration in the natural forming curves and rustic nuances of raw wood.


Every piece I create has a story in both it's origin and design. Using woods and offcuts that generally get overlooked and cast aside due to their shape, I am able to give them a second life through inventive techniques and a vision that makes your one off piece an iconic member of your furniture collection.


My furniture is sold through a combination of designer furniture shops, bespoke commissions and market fairs as well as having listings in my online shop. I feel a real personal connection to my work and it gives me great satisfaction to see where they end up and how happy they have made my clients.





What's new in the workshop

Matthew Chalk   |   Furniture Maker


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Chalk Cottage, Barley Hill, Dunbridge, SO51 0LF

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